Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival Offers Teachers Credit

Teachers can receive professional development credit at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, July 17-31.

The Festival is a two-week event that offers study and performance opportunities in all art forms, for participants of all levels. Classes cover everything from how to teach jazz ensembles to watercolor painting. UAF Credit is available for those taking at least 54 hours of either visual arts or music workshops. Undergraduate/graduate credit is also available for Creative Writing.

New this year is a methods refresher course and a conducting workshop. The methods course is for music teachers who want to improve their teaching abilities on instruments they may not be as familiar with as their primary instrument. Each session will be taught by a specializing guest artist. Teachers are also encouraged to sign up for the conducting workshop and perhaps Chamber Music for Novices, playing on a less familiar instrument. The conducting workshop will focus on conducting/leading ensembles of various makeups. These classes can be designated to applied music, ED F595P for two credits, which requires at least 54 hours of participation in music-related workshops, rehearsals and performances.

Applied Art, ED F595P for two credits, similarly requires 54 hours of classroom lecture and studio visual art activities over the two-week period. Participation in the Festival exhibit is also required.

The Creative Writing workshop is available for two credits as ENGL F195P, F495P, and F695P.

See the full array of classes in the new catalog, available at locations in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Denali. Or visit the Festival website at www.fsaf.org. Register online or call the Festival office at 474-8869.