Class information

This class is from 2015. Please look in the menu for a current class listing.

TitleIntermediate Ukulele
DaysMTWTh (week 1)
Instructor(s)Ukulele Russ
Slots (taken)15 (3)
LocationUCPC High School Room
DescriptionWant to escape the first four frets of your ukulele? This course is intended for the more seasoned ukulele player who knows most or all of the open chords but has hit a wall when it comes to moving up the neck of the uke. We will explore the rest of the fret board and unlock the secrets of movable chords and their pattern up the neck so you can play your favorite songs ANYWHERE on the ukulele instead of just the first few frets. If we have time at the end of the course we will discuss some more advanced picking and strumming techniques to take your songs to the next level!

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