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This class is from 2013. Please look in the menu for a current class listing.

TitleBeginning/Intermediate Watercolor
Instructor(s)Vladimir Zhikhartsev
Slots (taken)15 (15)
LocationTanana Energy Center - TVF
DescriptionThis class is for the beginner to intermediate level watercolor student who is interested in taking his/her painting skills to the next level. Learning the water cycle, wet-in-wet, glazing and layering watercolor techniques will add to the students’ knowledge of watercolor painting. Instructor demonstrates and will discuss the many aspects of design and composition that make a watercolor appear professional. Creative challenges in the form of quick studies will teach the students when and how to use negative space, how to lift out color and how to enhance a center of interest, how to use linear and aerial perspectives to add depth to your painting. During class, students will begin to find their own “painting style” with lessons on creativity. Students will use landscape photos as well as cut flowers and fruits to capture realistic landscapes and still-life arrangements while painting in the studio environment.

Material List: “YARKA” (preferable) 24 colors Original watercolor set, 1 inch flat; # 10; #6; #4 round and #2 Rigger synthetic or natural watercolor brushes, 12 pieces 11”x 15” ARCHES 140 lb Cold Press Bright White watercolor paper with support (piece of foam board, plastic or plywood), any white masking tape, pencil, kneadable eraser, small notebook, paper towels, two medium water containers. If questions, contact the artist:

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