Class information

This class is from 2014. Please look in the menu for a current class listing.

TitlePairing of Food and Beer
DaysTh (week 2)
Instructor(s)Glenn Brady
Slots (taken)20 (9)
LocationSilver Gulch

A 4-hour short-course to give you enough knowledge to impress your friends at your next dinner party, BBQ, etc.

This short-course is for anybody who has an appreciation of beer, at any basic or intermediate skill levels... no prior experience necessary!

Attendees must be 21 yrs of age or older, and must have taste-buds and/or a sense of smell.

Course topics will be tailored to specific attendee discussion, but will generally cover the following general areas:

  • Basic terminology of beer and food descriptors
  • How your taste buds/aroma receptors work... a primer on tasting anything...
  • Fundamentals of beer/food pairing
  • Specific examples of good (and bad) pairings

Materials fee is $10 (lunch and beverages provided)

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