Class information

This class is from 2016. Please look in the menu for a current class listing.

TitleFSAF Choir
Instructor(s)Emerson Eads, Teresa Harbaugh
Slots (taken)n/a (34)
LocationChrist Lutheran Church - Sanctuary
Extra rehearsalsFestival Orchestra Rehearsal — 7/29/2016 4:30pm
PerformanceOrchestra/Choir Performance — 7/30/2016 8:00pm
DescriptionExplore the world of choral singing with the festival chorus in the debut of Emerson Eads' Mass for the Oppressed. Emerson Eads returns to the festival from his doctoral conducting studies at Notre Dame and is excited to join new and old friends in these two weeks of exciting immersion in choral singing. Mass for the Oppressed is a new mass written by Emerson Eads as an artistic and personal response to the specific injustice of the incarceration of the Fairbanks Four. Building upon the long and established tradition by composers such as Benjamin Britten and Leonard Bernstein, Mass for the Oppressed interpolates extra-liturgical texts by Evan Eads, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Bible and other rites. It features four soloists, mixed choir, piano, strings and percussion.

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