Class information

This class is from 2017. Please look in the menu for a current class listing.

TitleMidwestern Cuisine
DaysTh (week 2),
Instructor(s)Sean Christopherson
Slots (taken)20 (6)
LocationHutchison Center/CTC Kitchen
DescriptionFor my first class I will start by showcasing Midwestern cuisine by creating several dishes that are common here.I will demonstrate how and why each component is important to the dishes. I will also show the creativity that is necessary with the limited seasonal ingredients that we have in the Midwest. With our limited supply of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year causes our food to be more heavy, relying on root vegetables and grains as a base layer for a lot of our meals i.e. Shrimp and grits, shepherds pie, stews and soups. The last dish I will do will showcase seasonal Alaskan ingredients.
Materials fee $15

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