Contributors in the past year

We make every attempt to keep this list accurate and up to date. If we have made a mistake, please let us know

All contributions made in the last 365 days are added up, and the appropriate category computed. The date of the most recent contribution is provided after each name.

We sincerely thank the following:

Gold — $15,000 and up

Alaska Airlines (6/8/2017) Alaska Airlines
Rasmuson Foundation (6/22/2017) Rasmuson Foundation
The Bill Stroecker Foundation (8/29/2017) 
Joe Usibelli and Peggy Shumaker (7/25/2017) 

Silver — $10,000 up to $15,000

Fairbanks Arts Association (1/31/2017) Fairbanks Arts Association
Foundation Health Partners (5/5/2017) Foundation Health Partners
Goldstream Engineering Outreach in Bethel/Newtok/Mertarvik (9/28/2017) Goldstream Engineering Outreach in Bethel/Newtok/Mertarvik

Bronze — $7,500 up to $10,000

Alaska Community Foundation (4/19/2017) Alaska Community Foundation
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (2/14/2017) Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Saltchuk Companies (4/20/2017) Saltchuk Companies

Sponsors — $5,000 up to $7,500

The Artisan's Courtyard (7/30/2017) 
Fairbanks Arts Association (3/2/2017) Fairbanks Arts Association
Ft Knox/Kinross (4/6/2017) Ft Knox/Kinross
Goodcents/GVEA Foundation (12/8/2016) Goodcents/GVEA Foundation
Mt. McKinley Bank (2/8/2017) Mt. McKinley Bank
Sound Reinforcement Specialists (8/22/2017) Sound Reinforcement Specialists
Walsh, Kelliher & Sharp (5/31/2017) Walsh, Kelliher & Sharp
Wells Fargo Bank (3/30/2017) Wells Fargo Bank

Guarantors — $2,500 up to $5,000

Alaska State Council on the Arts (12/27/2016) Alaska State Council on the Arts
Ginger A. Carroll In memory of J. Michael Carroll; Designated to strings program (6/12/2017) 
Denali State Bank (8/11/2017) Denali State Bank
KUAC FM (6/27/2017) KUAC FM
Shannon & Wilson (8/24/2017) Shannon & Wilson

Directors — $1,000 up to $2,500

Alaska Universal Productions (8/4/2017) 
The Hanley LLC Fund (4/4/2017) 
Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation (8/28/2017)
Alaska Tent and Tarp (5/19/2017)
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (2/22/2017) 
Bert and Becky Bell (2/24/2017) 
John and Judy Binkley (2/24/2017) 
CTC Culinary Arts and Hospitality (4/17/2017)
Curtis-Meares Foundation (4/10/2017) 
Design Alaska Inc. (12/31/2016)
Dale Durrwachter In memory of Rosamund Weller (5/31/2017) 
Enterprise Holdings Foundation (11/15/2016)
Golden Heart Community Foundation (2/14/2017)
Don and Carolyn Gray (6/8/2017) 
Tom and Nancy Hallinan (4/28/2017) 
Hinckley Family (7/5/2017) 
Joann E. Horner (6/29/2017) 
Candlewood Suites (2/26/2017) 
Chuck Lemke and Phyllis Pendergrast (6/12/2017) 
Peg Willett & Pete Bowers (1/10/2017) 
Raven Landing Community Center (7/12/2017)
John Reiss (12/21/2016) 
Sally Russell Outreach in Bethel (3/15/2017) 
Sons of Norway Arctic Viking Lodge and Individuals of the Fairbanks Community (3/8/2017) 
Usibelli Coal Mine (3/16/2017) 
Usibelli Foundation (3/9/2017)
Wright Air Service (6/7/2017) 
Peggy Wright (2/24/2017) 

Benefactors — $500 up to $1,000

Sherry Abrahams (6/22/2017) 
Robert and Linda Bursiel (5/25/2017) 
John Hagey In memory of Mark Zonzel (6/7/2017) 
Susan Henrichs (6/7/2017) 
Terese Kaptur (6/27/2017) 
Karen Kowalski & John Reisinger in memory of Martha G. Kowalski M.D. and Marjorie Kowalski Cole (2/8/2017) 
Labrenz Landscaping (6/29/2017) 
Teresa Lantz (2/24/2017) 
Sonia Mazurek (12/15/2016) 
The Pumphouse, Inc (6/7/2017) 
Rotary Club of Fairbanks (8/15/2017) 
Ingrid Taylor (6/8/2017) 
The Dr. Ronald Morris Teel and Mrs. Mary Kay Teel Charitable Fund (3/21/2017) 
Josie Wooding (5/16/2017) 
Chloe Wurr In support of Mike Stevens' YK Delta outreach (4/19/2017) 

Patrons — $250 up to $500

Alison York & Brian Barnes In memory of Susan Perry Jordan (9/21/2017) 
Glenn Brady (7/10/2017) 
Scott & Deanna Brandon (12/15/2016) 
Marcel Colp (6/22/2017) 
Ron and Lou Davis (5/19/2017) 
Ted DeLeon In memory of Nancy L. DeLeon (6/29/2017) 
Dolly Dieter (3/7/2017) 
Judy and Carl Divinyi (11/29/2016) 
Ear Nose & Throat Clinic (12/31/2016) 
Larry and Gail Flodin (4/3/2017) 
Marlys Henderson (8/22/2017) 
Robert and Glenda Hutton (12/8/2016) 
Kiwanis Club of Fairbanks (5/16/2017)
Joy and Robin McDougall (2/6/2017) 
Diane Miller (9/29/2017) 
Gayle L. Miller (7/11/2017) 
Eric Schneider (5/31/2017) 
Linden Staciokas (7/5/2017) 
Theresa Tomczak (12/31/2016) 
The Turtle Club (7/25/2017) 
Irene Wood (7/20/2017) 

Sustainers — $100 up to $250

Megan Allen (10/26/2016) 
Dan and Wendy Anderson (2/24/2017) 
Ann's Greenhouses (5/2/2017) 
Anonymous (11/29/2016) 
Karen Baker in memory of Helen and Rose (1/10/2017) 
Charlotte Basham (10/24/2016) 
Peter Bente (12/8/2016) 
Susan Campbell (10/24/2016) 
David Van Den Berg & Amy Cook (3/25/2017) 
Linda Distad (7/11/2017) 
Terrence Duszynski (10/24/2016) 
Melinda Evans (12/30/2016) 
Robert & Nancy Follett (9/10/2017) 
Glenn Hackney (9/11/2017) 
Gorden Hedahl and Jean Loudon (12/31/2016) 
Zin Kittredge (7/21/2017) 
Kroger Corporation (5/12/2017) 
Geoffrey Wildridge & Carolyn Leonard (3/28/2017) 
Jerry and Jenifer McBeath (9/20/2017) 
Kasey Onsgard (10/24/2016) 
Gina Pender (3/24/2017) 
William St. Pierre (2/24/2017) 
Marggie Rogge (9/12/2017) 
Doug Smith (2/24/2017) 
Nancy Smoyer (7/11/2017) 
Alice Sullivan (7/5/2017) 
Keith Sworts (6/12/2017) 
Daniel and Ann Swift (12/31/2016) 
Joe Thomas (9/10/2017) 
Eric Troyer and Corrine Leistikow (3/7/2017) 
United Way of the Tanana Valley (3/7/2017) 
Judy Warwick (6/22/2017) 
Thomas Weingartner (2/24/2017) 
Jim and Mary Weymiller (6/22/2017) 
Joanne Widman (6/29/2017) 
Sheila Zastrow (9/18/2017) 

Contributors — up to $100

Patricia Berends (10/24/2016) 
Peggy Birkenbuel in honor of Cody Birkenbuel; STP (12/31/2016) 
Richard and Mary Bishop (6/8/2017) 
Mary Ann Borchert (10/24/2016) 
Rob and Ellucia Boswell (8/15/2017) 
Linda Brechan (10/24/2016) 
Ellen Brown (7/7/2017) 
Brenna Carlson (2/24/2017) 
Peggy Carlson (2/24/2017) 
Donovan Corrick (10/24/2016) 
Nancy Angelini Crawford (10/24/2016) 
Merritt Helfferich (10/14/2017) 
Anne Biberman (10/24/2016) 
Richard Fox (10/24/2016) 
Roland Ginnaty (2/24/2017) 
Mary E. Greene (7/11/2017) 
Lonny and Bunny Heiner (6/12/2017) 
Renee Henderson (10/24/2016) 
Dorothy Hight (10/24/2016) 
Doctors John and Kathleen Butler-Hopkins (6/8/2017) 
Elizabeth Itta (10/24/2016) 
Brittany Jackson (10/24/2016) 
Alice LaBarre (10/24/2016) 
Doug and Lori Lange (4/19/2017) 
Deborah Lawton (10/24/2016) 
Laura Lease (10/24/2016) 
Michael Levison (2/24/2017) 
Darlene Lundberg (9/30/2017) 
Stephanie Maltez (10/24/2016) 
Ginny and David McDowell (7/30/2017) 
Rose Meier (12/31/2016) 
Lucy Millington (2/24/2017) 
Mary Ann Nickles (5/31/2017) 
Elizabeth Patterson (10/24/2016) 
Cheryl Petersen (2/24/2017) 
Jesse Pfeffer (10/24/2016) 
Terin Porter (10/24/2016) 
Richard and Bonnie Reem (5/31/2017) 
Jane Reilly (9/13/2017) 
Les Rogers (6/8/2017) 
Aurora Roth (10/24/2016) 
Janet Schichnes and Jerry Lipka (6/29/2017) 
Daniel Solie (2/24/2017) 
Diana Solie (2/24/2017) 
Peter Stern (6/12/2017) 
Therese Stokes (2/24/2017) 
Judith Tolbert (8/10/2017) 
Annika Vockeroth (10/24/2016) 
Chelsea Walker (10/24/2016) 
Paulette Wille (7/27/2017) 
Kirsten Williams (10/24/2016) 
Alfred Wright (2/24/2017) 

In-kind support

Grant Aviation 
Alaska Universal Productions 
Walmart Supercenter 
Diving Duck 
Denise and Chris Akert 
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines
Dan and Wendy Anderson 
The Artisan's Courtyard 
Randy and Deb Bayer 
Bethany Eisenman 
Marcia Boyette 
Glenn Brady 
Barbara Braley 
Alison Carter 
Chapin, Mimi and Terry 
Tom and Dawn Clausen 
Leigh Cox 
CTC Culinary Arts and Hospitality CTC Culinary Arts and Hospitality
Gianna Drogheo 
Greg Dudgeon 
Kelsey Enochs 
Sue Fagan 
Fairbanks Arts Association Fairbanks Arts Association
Sherry Fisler 
Warren Fraser 
Rebecca George 
Rusty Gesin 
Steve and Anita Goetz 
Goldstream Engineering Outreach in Bethel/Newtok/Mertarvik Goldstream Engineering Outreach in Bethel/Newtok/Mertarvik
Anne Hauer 
Gayle & Lee Hazen 
Lorri Henneveld 
Rodger Hughes 
Leroy Hulsey 
Candlewood Suites 
Terese Kaptur 
Kent Karns 
Lou Killion 
Ken Kokjer and Nikki Kinne 
Steve and Jane Lanford 
Teresa Lantz 
Vicki Malone 
Joy and Robin McDougall 
Dorli McWayne 
James Menaker 
Chris Miller and Angie Schmidt 
Odom Corporation 
June Pinnell-Stephens 
Raven Landing Community Center Raven Landing Community Center
Kim Raymond 
Inna Rivkin 
Dennis Rogers 
Anne K. Ruggles 
Sally Russell Outreach in Bethel 
Sam's Club 
Lynda Sather 
Mike and Evelyn Sfraga 
Dean Shannon 
Norman Shelburne 
Mary Slaugenhoup 
Rick and Cherie Solie 
Sound Reinforcement Specialists Sound Reinforcement Specialists
Specialty Imports Specialty Imports
Martha Springer 
Melody Springer 
James & Corlis Taylor 
Janine Thibedeau 
Ann Tremarello 
Shari Neth and Will Updegrove 
Joe Usibelli and Peggy Shumaker 
Eleanor Viereck 
Kevin Walsh 
Warbelow Family 
Freya and James Wardlaw-Bailey 


Sherry Abrahams

Terry Babers

Donna Baum

Willie Blackburn

Travis Burrows

Laurel Carothers

Jaunelle Celaire

Jacque Childs

CeCe Drangle

Chanda File

Rhonda Gilbertson

Al Grunin

Lauren Hatty

Gayle Hazen

Dave Hollowell

Lou Killion

Marsha Knobel

Teresa Lantz

Jovia Manize

Robin McDougall

Rose Meier

Mary Ann Nickles

Teresa Quakenbush

Jeep and Marie Reid

Holly Rivers

Dennis Rogers

Yolanda Rucker

Johnna Sanborn

Evelyn Sfraga

Katrina Smith

Nancy Smoyer

Mark Sherman

Matt Tonies

Bryant Wright


Jessica Anderson

Marcia Boyette

Libby Burgess

Peggy Carlson

Jaunelle Celaire

Jeanne E. Clark

Gianna Drogheo

Mari Eikeland

Robert Franz

Ann-Marita Garsed

Bryan Hall

Cathie Harms-Tordoff

Maureen Heflinger

Lorri Heneveld

Amy Horstman Ingram

Keith Karns

Patty Kastelic

Marsha Knobel

Louise Kowalski

Teresa Lantz

Sherrie Martin

Marlene McDermott

Robin McDougall

Yvonne McHenry

Nelda L. Nixon

Donna O'Dowd-Robb

Debra Pearson

Theresa Reed

Dennis Rogers

Skogen Sällström

Eric Schneider

Therese Schneider

Evelyn Sfraga

Mark Sherman

Andie Springer

Krista Stamper

Dennis Stephens

Stephen Stephens

Simon Traynor

Ann Tremarello

Eleanor Viereck

Hannah Wagar

Sean Walklin

Caitlin Warbelow

Geoffry Wildridge

Legacy of Love

Sherry Abrahams

Syun and Emiko Akasofu

Alaska Heritage House

Ann's Greenhouses

Anonymous Anonymous

Helen L. Atkinson

Suzanne Bach

Andy Bachner

Steven Bainbridge

Karen Baker

Doreen Barnett

Donald Ross & Nathan Barring

Eugene and Phyllis Bartels

Randall Miller and Julie Benioff

Marvin and Cindy Bergeson

Mary E. Binkley

Peggy Birkenbuel

Suzanne Black

Marianne Boko

Sharon L. Boko

Mary Ann Borchert

Rob and Ellucia Boswell

Shirley Browning Bowden

Scott & Deanna Brandon

Donna (Thies) Brewer

Ellen Brown

Abel Bult-Ito

Burud/Sharma Family

Axel and Joyce Carlson

The Chong Family

Silver and Marie Chord

Rod Christensen

Sandy Clark

Greg and Carrie Cooper

Merritt Helfferich

Charlean Fuhrman Croxton

Curtis-Meares Foundation

Virginia Damron

Mary Margaret and Charles Davis

Debbie Dean

Bill and Janene Dewey Family

Sue Fagan

Fairbanks Cancer Care Physicians

Lottie Fleeks

Larry and Gail Flodin

Bill & Lynne Fuhrmann

Karen Garrity

Rusty Gesin

Rhonda Gilbertson

Don and Carolyn Gray

Carolyn Gregory

Mary Guthrie

Jim and Susie Hackett

Glenn Hackney

Marcia & John Hajdukovich

Jim and Barb Hameister

Art and Celeste Hansen

Jill and Jerry Haugeberg

Jyotsna and Stephen Heckman

Gorden Hedahl and Jean Loudon

Merritt Helfferich and April Crosby

Deb Hickok

Glynn Hoener and Scott Schuttner

Mary Ann Hoffman

Patricia Holloway

Laurel Holmes

Doctors John and Kathleen Butler-Hopkins

Joann E. Horner

Julie Houghton

Amelia Houtchens

Helen Howard

Robert and Glenda Hutton

Dan and Janet Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Terese Kaptur

C. Patty Kastelic

Virginia Kawasaki

Mike and Cherie Kelly

Marilyn Bone Kloss

Ken Kokjer and Nikki Kinne

Helene Krejci

Fritz and Jo Kuykendall

Judith Lachman

Lavelle's Bistro

Don Leistikow

Richard and Rachel Levine

Sherry Lewis

Renee Loustalot and Mark Overholt

Darlene Lundberg

Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation

Barbara Matthews

Joy and Robin McDougall

Thomas McLean

Rose Meier

Daniel Mellon

Chris Miller and Angie Schmidt

Diane Miller

John and Doris Miller

Miranda 'Annie' Miller

Mary M. Mitchell

Nancy Morgan

Ron and Shirley Morgan

Rebecca D. Morse

Mary Ann Nickles

Lewis Overton and Joan Soutar

Charlie Parr and Marilyn Biagi

Marsha and Bill Pike

Sharman Piper

Mike Powers & Teri Spires

Diane Primis

Beverly Prince

Jacqueline Rafferty

Ron and Dorothy Rasmussen

Morgan and Theresa Reed

Dwayne Rehfeld

Keith and Leila Rehfeld

Marilyn Richardson

Ron and Bev Ricketts

Bonnie Lundell Roberts

Juan and Beatriz Roederer

Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow

Bob and Mardee Roth

Greg and Jane Sandstrom

Lynda Sather

Janet Schichnes and Jerry Lipka

Lewis and Judith Shapiro

Michael & Darlene Shultz

Mary Silvey

Judy Rae Smith

Nancy Smoyer

Laura Soble and Eric Hanson

Peter Stern

Ethel Stoneman

Al & Ruth Storvick

Alice Sullivan

Suzanne Summerville

Jeanne & Robert Sundberg

Bill and Anna Swift

Ingrid Taylor

Jeannette Therriault

Donald and Natalie Thomas

Theresa Tomczak

Jack and Frieda Townshend

Ann Tremarello

Uncommon Opportunities Inc.

Susan N Walker

Lois Rehfeld Walters

Freya and James Wardlaw-Bailey

Jim and Ann Wellman

Joanne Widman

Charlotte Wilbur

Roy and Brenda Wilbur

Gary and Sue Wilken

Josie Wooding

Dale and Jeanne Yoder

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