Festival Policies

Media Release

By registering for FSAF classes, you agree to allow any photographs or audio/visual recordings of you participating in Festival events to be used in print, media, and electronic publications to help promote FSAF and/or UAF.

As we're designing ads throughout the year, uploading graphics to the website, making Facebook posts, and showing slideshows of FSAF in action, we draw upon photos of workshops and performances. If one person stands out in the photo, we'll normally try to contact them first to get explicit permission (after all, we can all have odd facial expressions if caught at the wrong time, and some are more shy than others). For audio recordings, when posting online, we generally stick to large ensembles so nobody stands out. Recordings of complete concerts are available to those participating in them.

If you are unwilling to allow Festival to use media of you, please let us know at info@fsaf.org and we'll be accomodating.


Registrations canceled before June 15 are eligible for an 85% refund. After that date, no refund can be made. In either case, the full paid amount can be applied towards registration in 2018 (or registration for different 2017 classes). Payments can be transferred to other registrants, or can be reallocated to ticket sales, merchandise, or turned into a tax-deductible donation. Please email us at info@fsaf.org or call at 907-474-8869 if you need to cancel.

Partial Registration

With instructor approval, 2-week-long workshops may be taken for a single week. Please contact the Festival office to receive a discount on registration fee — you pay 65% of the class price.

Underage Registrants

For the most part, classes at FSAF are for age 18 and up. In some cases, deviations from this rule are specified in the class descriptions (i.e. 12 and up for Dance Intensive). If you think your child would do well in a workshop that doesn't specify an age requirement, please contact office before registering.

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