Dorli McWayne


Artist info

Dorli McWayne is principal flutist for the Fairbanks Symphony, and has appeared as soloist with the Arctic Chamber Orchestra. She is an adjunct Professor of Music at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. McWayne is the founder and director of the Fairbanks Flutists and has performed across the country with the Professional Flute Choir.

Years taught2017, 2014, 2013, 2012

Teaching schedule
Methods Refresher - FluteTh (week 2) 1:30–3:20pmTBA2014
Flute MasterclassMTWThF/MTWThF 9:00–10:20amMusic 3012012
Flute ChoirMTWThF/MTWThF 10:30–11:50amMusic 3012012
Private Lessons - 1/2 hourTBA2011
Flute MasterclassMTWThF/MTWThF 9:00–10:20amMusic 3012011
Flute ChoirMTWThF/MTWThF 10:30–11:50amMusic 3012011
Flute MasterclassMTWThF/MTWThF 9:00–10:20amMusic 3012010
Flute ChoirMTWThF/MTWThF 10:30–11:50amMusic 3012010
Chamber Music: WoodwindsMTWThF/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmTBA2010

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