Marcia Dickstein


Artist info

Marcia continues to be involved in having new music written for the harp, mostly with her group The Debussy Trio. To date the Trio has commissioned and/or premiered 120 new works. Marcia plays actively in the studios in Los Angeles and has performed on more than 400 movies and can also be heard on the Family Guy, Revenge and Empire TV shows. She is an active teacher of both classical and folk harp.

Years taught2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Teaching schedule
Individual Hour-Long SessionMusic 1112015
Individual Hour-Long SessionMusic 1112014
Individual Hour-Long SessionMusic 1112013
Harp MasterclassMTWThF (week 2) 6:00–6:50pmMusic 1112013
Harp EnsembleMTWThF (week 2) 7:00–7:50pmMusic 1112013
Individual Hour-Long SessionMusic 1112012
Individual Hour-Long Session for KidsTBA2012
Harp MasterclassMTWThF (week 2) 6:00–6:50pmMusic 1112012

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