Zach Compston


Artist info

Zach Compston is a highly regarded drummer, percussionist and music educator, known for his passion and experience in many avenues of the music world. From many styles of drum set playing, to orchestral and world percussion performance as well as a wide array of teaching credits, Zach has been steadily establishing himself as a versatile figure in many musical arenas. He is a 2012 graduate of Indiana University with a Master’s Degree in Music, and is a 2010 graduate of Capital University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies. Zach is currently the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Jazz Arts Group of Columbus, America's oldest non-profit organization dedicated to jazz.

Years taught2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Teaching schedule
Private lesson - Zach CompstonTBA2017
Drumset WorkshopMWF/MWF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3012017
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012017
Afro-Cuban BandMTWTh/MTWThF 5:30–6:20pmMusic 3012017
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012017
Drumset WorkshopMWF/MWF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3012016
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012016
Afro-Cuban BandMTWTh/MTWThF 5:30–6:20pmMusic 3012016
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012016
Drumset WorkshopMWF/MWF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3012015
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012015
Afro-Cuban BandMTWTh/MTWThF 5:30–6:20pmMusic 3012015
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012015
Drumset WorkshopMWF/MWF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3012014
Afro-Cuban BandMTWTh/MTWThF 5:30–6:20pmMusic 3012014

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