Knut Erik Jensen


Artist info

Norwegian pianist Knut Erik Jensen has performed over 150 solo concerts featuring Norwegian and international music on the North American continent since 2007. Mr. Jensen has appeared numerous times as a guest soloist in Europe and North America and completed his master's examination concert at the University of Trondheim, Norway playing Alexander Scriabin's piano concerto with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. He has recorded two CDs of Norwegian piano music: "Edvard Grieg - Anniversary Collection" and "Nordic Elegance." Mr. Jensen's unusually rich musical background has given him versatility in many different genres and instruments. He started learning how to play the organ by himself from a very young age but his first main instrument was the classical accordion from the age of 7. He made a switch to the piano at the age of 17 after strong encouragements from the school ́s piano teacher and a discovery of Grieg's A minor concerto. He ended his career on solo accordion by winning the Norwegian Championship in 1999, won a first prize with the dance orchestra Jhohans, as well as a second place in the open solo class for entertainment music. In addition to his solo career, he has played in several rock bands, Perished being the most significant one with 3 CD releases. He has also worked with jazz and kletzmer musicians in the project orchestra Kilombo as an accordionist, recording the CD Bordello Music and performing concert tours throughout Norway.

Years taught2017, 2014
SpecialtyPiano and Accordion

Teaching schedule
Norwegian Folk Music: A Historic and Cultural IntroductionM (week 2) 9:00–9:50amUCPC Music Room2017
Norwegian Folk EnsembleMTWThF (week 2) 11:00am–12:00pmUCPC High School Room2017
Edvard Grieg - the small Norwegian giant!MTWThF (week 2) 3:00–4:00pmUCPC Fellowship Hall2017

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