Leslie Shirah


Artist info

Leslie Shirah is a professional artist and educator living in Columbus, Georgia. She received her MFA in sculpture from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Resourcing local natural materials, papermaking, and the connection to personal memories influence the direction of her work. Leslie has exhibited her work nationally and is a contributing artist to the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University’s permanent collection. She has lead workshops in both papermaking and ceramics and presented at the Sculpture Consortium of North Carolina in 2009. Leslie is currently teaching Upper School Art at Brookstone School.

Years taught2017, 2016
DepartmentVisual Arts
SpecialtyPapermaking, mold making, felting

Teaching schedule
Exploration of Mold Making and MultiplesMTWThF (week 2) 9:00–11:50amUniversity Park Kitchen2017
Wool, Wet-Felting, and Wearable ArtSatSun (week 1) 10:00am–4:00pmChena Hot Springs2017
Wool and Resist FeltingWTh (week 2) 1:30–4:30pmUniversity Park Kitchen2017
Painting with Paper PulpMT (week 2) 1:30–4:30pmUniversity Park Kitchen2017
Papermaking with Local & Natural MaterialsWTh (week 2) 9:00am–12:00pmUniversity Park Kitchen2016
Wool, Wet-Felting, and Wearable ArtSatSun (week 1) 10:00am–4:00pmChena Hot Springs2016
Papermaking and Paper CastingMTWThF (week 2) 5:00–7:50pmUniversity Park Kitchen2016

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