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Joe Craven is a musician in the broadest sense of the word. Contagiously curious about musical sound, Craven plumbs the depths and outer reaches of his creativity with a flair for both the whimsical and the profound, as well as a refreshing openness about the vehicle he uses to get there. Former 17-year multi-instrumentalist for the David Grisman Quintet, Joe Craven is a one-man band and bandleader. His tool box includes a wide variety of string and percussion instruments from around the world and around the basement including found objects. For 30 years, he's recorded and performed music of his own and with an incredibly diverse list of artists, notably Grateful Dead patriarch Jerry Garcia, string wizard David Lindley and banjo virtuoso Alison Brown. A visual artist, former museologist, actor and award winning creativity educator, Joe has a unique gift for transferring his enthusiasm for music making to audiences and fellow musicians alike (though the two categories are hardly separate; Joe thrills at jumpstarting an individual to make music for the first time at a show - in the moment). Working with all ages, from saplings to seniors, Joe is passionate about his workshops, lectures and artist residencies. Director of RiverTunes Roots & Vocáli Voice Music Camps and Co-Director of the Wintergrass Youth Academy, the multi-talented Craven also emcees music festivals nation-wide, is a producer and performer in the studio, and contributes music and sound effects to projects ranging from computer games to film soundtracks. Whether presenting a workshop to a Costa Rican community, business executives in Contra Costa, CA, or thousands of school kids in Scotland or performing house concerts, major music festivals, the stage of Carnegie Hall or street corners in Cuba, Cannery Row and Morocco, Joe’s at home ~ and loving every minute.

Year taught2017
DepartmentAmerican Roots

Teaching schedule
Next Step After Songwriting or Song Collecting; Interpretation and MusicianshipMTWTh (week 2) 10:30–11:30amUCPC Gym2017
Music Improvisation for Everyone; In the Moment & Without a NetWTh (week 2) 1:00–2:30pmUCPC Gym2017
Feelin' the BluesMT (week 2) 2:00–4:00pmUCPC Gym2017

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