Brianna Reagan


Artist info

I was born in 1986, and spent the first half of my life in and around the Bay Area of California. I currently live and work in Fairbanks, Alaska, where I love to hate it, but hate to leave it.
I am often told that it would be amazing to be inside my mind, but the truth is that my imaginings are quite chaotic and strange. I am constantly invaded with images, and the only way for me to process these flashes is to puzzle-piece them together into something vaguely familiar. As an artist, I enjoy the chaos. I am open to be inspired. I indulge my mind to cultivate various thoughts and ideas. I employ my imagination to create multi-faceted characters or objects. The chaos is then wrangled into my clean and crisp works of art by my obsessive need for details and my love of beautiful things. I chase details, and I sometimes force them where there are not any. I have a profound need for visual order and cleanliness, so the details in my art are an outlet for these compulsive energies, allowing me to make beauty out madness.
My paintings are applied to a wood surface or panel. This allows me to also draw on the surface with inks, markers, or color pencils. Drawing has always been my foundation, and I have learned to draw on top of my painted surfaces to strengthen the imagery. The mixed media approach further complements the combination of ideas and captures more details and intricacies of the character or object, while also satisfying my compulsive energy.

Year taught2017
DepartmentVisual Arts
Specialty2017 Signature Artist; Painting/Drawing

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