Sandi Roberts


Artist info

Sandi Roberts serves on the faculty for Eden Energy Medicine’s Certification Program and is an Advanced Energy Practitioner. She has certifications as an Emotion Code and Reconnection practitioner, and has a private practice in Knoxville, Maryland. Teaching and sharing energy balancing techniques with people of all ages is her passion. She enjoys creating a joyful and playful environment for people to learn self-care techniques for greater health and happiness.

Year taught2017
DepartmentHealing Arts
SpecialtyEEM Advanced Practitioner

Teaching schedule
Re-Patterning Energy for Greater VitalityMTWThF (week 1) 9:30–11:00amDance Theatre Fairbanks2017
Playing with the Energies of JoyMTWThF (week 1) 1:30–3:00pmDance Theatre Fairbanks2017

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