Natasha Cummings


Artist info

Natasha Cummings is a native of St Vincent & the Grenadines and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her interest in food started way back in her childhood. As a child, she was taught about the special Caribbean food ingredients, how to prepare and cook them by her mom. All of her recipes are influenced from different Caribbean Islands. Natasha has been sharing her Caribbean Cuisine with the Fairbanks community, and she is the proud owner of Tasha’s Caribbean Cuisine & Catering. Join Natasha as she continues sharing her love and passion for cooking while inspiring others to get in the kitchen and create wholesome meals with lots of love.

Year taught2017
DepartmentCulinary Arts
SpecialtyCaribbean Cuisine

Teaching schedule
Caribbean CuisineF (week 1) 9:00am–12:00pmHutchison Center/CTC Kitchen2017

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