Clipper Anderson


Artist info

Known for his improvisational virtuosity, his steady presence in the pocket and his command of multiple styles, Clipper is one of the most highly regarded musicians on the Northwest jazz scene today. Equally comfortable with straight-ahead, traditional, free jazz or bebop, he plays with genuine reverence for the music and an unassuming mastery that speaks for itself. Clipper works out of Seattle, WA and is presently on the jazz faculty at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.

Years taught2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
SpecialtyJazz Bass

Teaching schedule
Private lesson - Clipper AndersonTBA2017
Instrumental Jazz ImprovisationMTWThF/MTWThF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3112017
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012017
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012017
Instrumental Jazz ImprovisationMTWThF/MTWThF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3112016
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012016
Afro-Cuban BandMTWTh/MTWThF 5:30–6:20pmMusic 3012016
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012016
Instrumental Jazz ImprovisationMTWThF/MTWThF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3112015
Vocal Jazz PerformanceMTWTh/MTWThF 3:30–5:20pmMusic 3012015
Rhythm Section WorkshopTh/T 8:00–8:50pmMusic 3012015
Jazz BassMTWThF/MTWThF 10:00–10:50amMusic 3012014
Jazz Bass - week 1 onlyMTWThF (week 1) 10:00–10:50amMusic 3012014
Jazz Bass - week 2 onlyMTWThF (week 2) 10:00–10:50amMusic 3012014
Jazz CombosMTWThF/MTWThF 11:00–11:50amMusic 3012014
Jazz CombosMTWThF/MTWThF 11:00–11:50amMusic 3012012
Jazz BassMTWThF (week 2) 11:00–11:50amTBA2012
Instrumental Jazz ImprovisationMTWThF/MTWThF 1:30–2:20pmMusic 3112012

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