Eustace Johnson


Artist info

Eustace Johnson is currently the Minister of music at the Baptist House of Prayer and the Morningside Pentecostal Church in Harlem, New York City. He is also the Music Director of the Bobby Lewis Ensemble. Eustace has played in every major concert hall in New York City and continues to perform as a pianist, keyboardist and organist, accompanying many soloists and vocal groups around the tri-state area and abroad. He spends much of his time in private piano instruction, composing, arranging and producing. In addition to the many recordings Eustace has performed, produced and arranged three solo CD projects entitled "Hymns I Love To Play Vol. I" and "Hymns I Love To Play Vol. II" and "The Christmas Collection Vol. 1". Eustace has appeared on many television spots including the Regis & Kelly show and worked with Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand, Chuck Berry, Pete Seeger, Peter Yaro (of Peter, Paul & Mary), Colonel Abrams, Odetta, Richard Smallwood, Tramaine Hawkins, Andrae Crouch and a host of others.

Years taught2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012
DepartmentGospel Music
SpecialtyGospel Pianist

Teaching schedule
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2018
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2017
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252017
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2017
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2016
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252016
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2016
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2015
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252015
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2015
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252014
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2014
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2013
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252013
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2013
Winter Gospel ChoirFebruary 20–25 UCPC Sanctuary2012
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252012
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2012
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252011
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2011
Gospel PianoTWTh/MT 5:00–5:50pmMusic 2252010
Gospel ChoirMTWTh/MTWThF 6:30–7:50pmUCPC Sanctuary2010

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