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July 12–26, 2015

Apply for UAF Credit

Through its partnership with University of Alaska Fairbanks Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning, Festival is able to offer some of its classes for UAF credit.

UAF professional development credit is available for visual arts and music classes. UAF undergraduate/graduate credit is available in English for the Creative Writing classes.

Register for your Festival courses first, then register for your UAF credits at the Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning online registration site using the course information below. A fee for the credits will be charged by UAF Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning. This is separate from the Festival registration costs.

Professional Development Credit (for teachers)

FSAF: Applied Art

Requires at least 54 hours of classroom instruction and studio visual art activities over the two weeks of Festival for two credits. $90 fee to UAF.
ED F595-F31 CRN 51632

FSAF: Educator Enrichment

Requires workshop, rehearsal and performance participation of at least 27 hours for one (1) credit, or 54 hours for two (2) credits. $90 fee to UAF.
MUS F595-F31 for 1 credit CRN 52983
MUS F595-F32 for 2 credits CRN 52984

Undergraduate/Graduate Credit

FSAF: Creative Writing

Transform life into literature. Includes daily writing under the guidance of creative writers. Discussion includes poetry and prose. Focus on generating new writing. Practice in several stages of the writing process including beginning, drafting and revising. Full participation in Creative Writing course generates two credits. Fees vary by credit level:
ENGL F195-F31 CRN 53060 $60 fee.
ENGL F495-F31 CRN 53059 $90 fee.
ENGL F695-F31 CRN 53058 $170 fee.

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